Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Favorite Brand of Oils

In my last post I talked about how to identify a good oil, and I listed the 3 brands of oils that I know and recommend. I am sure there are other oil brands that are just as good, I just haven't come across them yet. 

When choosing which brand of oil you want to use, you'll probably hear a lot of different opinions. Some companies claim their oil is the only truly pure oil, or the only certified oil. Some companies offer business opportunities and income potential. It really comes down to your personal preference. 

I personally feel like the oils from Butterfly Express, doTerra, and Young Living are all good oils. I have used each of those oils. I have chosen to stick with Butterfly Express oils for these reasons: 

1. I'm not a fan of multi-level marketing companies. doTerra and Young Living are multi-level marketing companies. I have tried out a few MLM companies and found that it's really not for me. I don't like feeling pressured to ask my friends to host parties, to sign up under me and build my down-line, or to buy product so I can meet my quarterly minimum so I don't get kicked out. For me, essential oils are all about healing and balance. Bringing business and money into it like that ruins the energy of the oils for me. 

2. Butterfly Express is a family-owned business. It is run by a husband-wife team and their employees out of their warehouse in a (very) small town in Idaho. Health and wellness are their life. I recently toured the facility and was impressed with their commitment to retaining the best energy frequency of the oils. The oils are handled as much as possible so they are surrounded by good, positive energy. If anyone comes to work in a bad mood or with negative energy, they are not allowed to work with the oils until they change their energy around. They keep their overhead low so they can keep their prices low.

3. Their prices are much lower than doTerra and Young Living. Because they're not a multi-level marketing company, their prices can stay low. When you buy from a MLM company, there are a lot of people standing in line to get paid. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just not my thing. I made this comparison list to see the differences between their prices: 

doTerra and Young Living oils, for the most part, come in 15 ml bottles. Butterfly Express oils come in 10 ml bottles. It's a difference of 5 ml. (5 ml = 1 teaspoon)

4. When I energy test which oil to use, Butterfly oils come up every single time. Whether I'm using oils on my family or on a client for a foot zone, the oils in my case from doTerra never come up. They've been sitting there for over 4 years. When I energy test which oil has the highest energy frequency, Butterfly Express is the highest. A friend told me about a class she was teaching on energy testing. They put lavender oil from Butterfly, doTerra, and Young Living in unmarked bottles and had the students practice energy testing the oils to see which had the highest energy frequency. The Butterfly lavender tested the highest every time.

5. Butterfly Express promotes the use of essential oils in a way that I feel good about. Other companies suggest using their oils in ways that are contrary to what I have learned and it just doesn't feel right to me. I'm a believer in following your gut and listening to the Spirit.  

The website for Butterfly Express is My favorite feature of the website is the Suggestions and Practical Uses list. This is my go-to list for picking out which oil to use for which ailment. I am a distributor for Butterfly Express so that I could assist my friends and family with purchasing affordable and quality essential oils. If you have any questions about oils, or specifically about Butterfly Express oils, feel free to contact me (my contact info is on the right of the screen).

Whatever brand of essential oils you choose to use, use it in health and joy! Essential oils are a wonderful tool for helping ourselves and our families.