Sunday, February 15, 2015

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Katie, and I love essential oils! I've been using oils for 8 years and love sharing what I have learned. There is a lot of information out there about oils (how to use them, what brand to use, etc.) and I wanted a place where I could condense that information and share what I feel is important. It's been a long time since I've used a blog (and I was never very good at it any way) so hopefully I can post the information so it's (relatively) easy to find.

I was first introduced to essential oils when I was a young mother and I herniated a disc in my back (they called it a herniation with extrusion). We didn't have health insurance and we were living paycheck to paycheck. I was in a lot of pain and didn't know what to do. A friend of my parents offered to bring his wife by who was learning a technique called foot zoning. She zoned my feet then did a Raindrop treatment on my back by dropping essential oils, one by one, down my back and rubbing the oils into my skin. I was surprised by how much it decreased my pain. She left a couple of bottles for me to use (so generous!) and I applied them to my back as I needed it for muscle tension and pain. After a few months of physical therapy and other alternative therapies, my herniated disc was healed without needing surgery.

A few years later I had the opportunity to learn foot zoning. In those classes I learned more about essential oils and I was hooked! I started to gradually build my supply of oils and learned how to use them to help my family. One of my favorite stories about how oils (and foot zoning) has helped my family happened shortly after I finished the foot zoning classes. My daughter had lactose intolerance and I would have to give her a Lactaid tablet whenever she had any milk. We were at a friend's house and they ordered pizza. I didn't have any tablets with me, and hoping that one time wouldn't hurt, I let her eat the pizza. Soon she was doubled over in pain. I had a bottle of peppermint oil in my purse, and I put a few drops on the bottoms of her feet and I zoned the area of the stomach and intestines. Within a few minutes she jumped up and ran off to play. I was so grateful to have those tools to help my daughter. (For more info on foot zoning, click here.)

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