Monday, March 2, 2015

Essential Oils 101: How do I choose which oil to use?

There are a lot of essential oils out there! How do you know which one to use? These are my favorite ways to choose which oil to use.

1. Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils by LaRee Westover. This 300 page book is packed full of information about essential oils! It lists every oil that Butterfly Express carries and how to use it. It has an alphabetized list of Suggestions and Practical Uses and a Physical/Emotional chart. You can preview the book here:  I have learned a lot from this book and every time I open it, I learn something new! This book is available to purchase for $15.95 (plus shipping, unless it's in a group order). Contact me if you want to place an order.

2. The Suggestions and Practical Uses list is my go-to list for figuring out which oil to use. Not only can you look up the list in the "Butterfly Miracles" book, but you can also look it up online:  This is an alphabetized list of ailments and the suggested oils and application. For example, if you wanted to look up which oils to use for a cough, you would go to the Suggestions and Practical Uses list and read this:

"COUGHS: LeAspire, LeBreezey, LeHoliday Spirit, LeMariah, cedarwood, manuka, opoponax. Dilute and apply over the lungs (both front and back) and on the throat; diffuse; inhale."

Keep in mind that you don't need to use ALL of the oils that are suggested. It just lists all the oils that are beneficial for that particular condition. From that list you can choose which oil(s) you feel would meet your needs the best. You may need to read the description of each oil to know which one would work best for you.

3. Also included in the "Butterfly Miracles" book is a Physical/Emotional chart that lists all the blends that Butterfly Express carries and color-codes them to show which oils are for emotional support, physical support, or a combination of physical/emotional support. This provides a fantastic quick-glance at all the blends so you can quickly remind yourself what they do. I keep one folded up in my case of oils so that when I'm zoning a client and they ask about the oil that I just put on their feet, I can pull it out and read the description. (I have over 100 oils and if it's an oil that I don't use often, I forget what it does!) You can also view the chart online here:  Or you can order a printed copy for $0.30.

4. Muscle Testing. In a very small nutshell, muscle testing is a way to measure how my energy responds to the energy of something else. If my body/energy needs an oil, I will get a positive response. If I do not need an oil, I will get a negative response. There are many ways to do muscle testing, and anyone can learn how to do it. It takes lots of practice and lots of allowing.

5. Ask someone that is knowledgeable about oils. When you're first getting started with oils, find someone that you trust and that has similar beliefs about oils as you, and talk to them about the oils that they use. I'm always happy to answer any questions and help pick out oils. If you choose to use Butterfly Express oils, I am a distributor and can place an order for you. My contact info is on the right of the screen. You can follow me on Facebook for updates on the blog and other oil info, or you can e-mail me directly. I also have a Pinterest page where I save my oil ideas: