Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DIY Bug Spray

It's finally summer in our neck of the woods! We have had an unusually wet and cold Spring, but today I finally broke out the flip flops! And last night my kids got their first mosquito bites. It's time to make some bug spray!

Butterfly Express makes a blend called Away that is designed to keep the bugs at bay. It contains catnip, cedarwood, cinnamon berry, citronella, clove, and eucalyptus peppermint. 

DIY Bug Spray

Spray bottle (dark glass is preferred to protect the oils)

Distilled water
Witch hazel
20-30 drops of Away essential oil

Fill the bottle about 1/3 full of distilled water. Add the witch hazel until it's about 2/3 full. Add 20-30 drops of Away essential oil. Shake the bottle well before every use. Spray on your skin, clothes, and along the hems of your pants and shirts. Be careful to avoid contact with the eyes.

If you need additional moisturizing during the summer months, or if you are using this spray on babies or children, you can add fractionated coconut oil to this spray. You can also mix the Away oil into your favorite natural lotion. 

My friend took this spray with her on vacation to Puerto Rico and it worked wonderfully against the big tropical bugs!  

Have a happy and healthy summer!