Sunday, September 13, 2015

Emotional Aromatherapy

Doterra recently announced their new line of oils for emotional aromatherapy. The kit includes 6 oils designed for emotional support. Did you know that Butterfly Express carries 32 oils for emotional support, with another 38 oils that provide both emotional and physical support?! Each oil does something different, offering maximum support for your individual needs. The following images are color-coded to show which oils are designed for emotional support, which are for emotional/physical support, and which are for physical support. Click on each one to enlarge it. 
You may also view this document online here:

Our minds seem to be programmed to dwell on negative thoughts. This TedX talk is a fascinating look at how our thoughts and emotions affect our outlook on life, and gives 3 simple steps that, if used daily, can help to retrain your mind. Combine that with regular use of emotional aromatherapy and the changes will happen even faster!